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The Jess R1des

The Jess R1des

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This canvas is sold out!

The JessR1des Canvas was sold from February 2nd 2024 until February 16th 2024. We had a great time working with Jess, and thank you so much to everyone who purchased one!

We are very proud to share the result of the JessR1des X Project Astra collab! All of our artwork is hand-painted and sketched. The design is then scanned in ultra high definition to be reproduced onto your choice of three different types of wall art. Scroll down to see full descriptions of your options!

We can ship anywhere in the world! Your wall art will arrive a week after you place your order. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

We want those who support us and our partners to be 100% satisfied 100% of the time. If you receive your artwork and it isn't exactly what you expected, just shoot an email to or DM us on Instagram (@OfficialProjectAstra) and we will get a return started for you, no BS involved :)

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Heavyweight Poster Print

Image Credits: @Maarten.Panigale

There is beauty in simplicity. Our Heavyweight Poster Prints have a natural, matte, uncoated finish providing a smooth, premium touch. The art is displayed on a thick 200 gsm/80 lb paper. Our Poster Prints are meant for those looking for something which has a sleek, modern look with a more casual presence than a canvas. Hang it up as is, or frame it yourself!

Wood-Mounted Canvas

Image credits: @Scartyyy

Our personal favorite way to display custom artwork, our Mounted Canvases are a textured, high-quality blend of cotton and polyester stretched on a real wooden frame, providing a cover weight of 110-130lbs and a thickness of 350-400 microns. Meant for those looking for a unique, textured, timeless way to display your art, you can enjoy it for years to come.

Framed Poster Print

Image Credits: @Lau.Rides

Want to frame your Poster Print, but don't want to do it yourself? That's no problem, we can ship your artwork with a black aluminum frame and a scratchproof, plexiglass cover to make your art pop! The frame is about 0.8 inches thick and 0.4 inches wide, and will be shipped ready for assembly in durable packaging.