Our Beginning

Project Astra is based in Chicago, Illinois and run by a group of college students with nothing but some paint and a dream. We wanted to combine our love of motorcycles and art to make something new and original, and Project Astra was the result!

Image Credits- @JessR1des

Introducing Custom Artwork

Every rider takes an enormous amount of pride in their bike. Your motorcycle is more than a mode of transportation, its an extension of yourself. To every rider, their bike is a piece of art. Our goal is to immortalize it in a unique way that can be enjoyed forever.

Image Credits- @Maarten.Panigale

Where we want to go

We hope to continue growing and adding to the products and services we offer. We'd also like to find some way to give back to the motorcycle community, they are the reason we are where we are today! Whatever our future may hold, we look forward to it, and we are proud to have you along for the ride :)

Image Credits- @Scartyyy

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